turned pepper mill

blank prior to cutting

Cutting base with Forstner

body before finishing

Finished base



How to turn a Pepper Mill

This webpage provides the dimensions and diagrams necessary to install a crushgrind mechanism in a turned pepper mill. A simple design has been chosen for the first mill. The experienced turner will be able to turn the mill and fit the mechanism from the diagrams here.

For the less experienced turner, clear instructions, with a step by step approach, are given in my ebooklet 'Turning a Pepper Mill', which is available from the Amazon Kindle store, and can be read on a Kindle, Kindle fire, ipad, iphone, computer with kindle reader installed and other reading devices. The booklet costs £1-53 or $2.99 and provides clear instructions to help the turner make a 33 cm (12 1/2 inch) pepper grinder from a wood blank.
Link to turning a Pepper Mill in Amazon Store.

There are 35 high quality colour illustrations (which display in gray scale on devices without a colour screen) and 9 diagrams. Several relatively new techniques are used, including the use of a spindle tap to mount a jam chuck directly onto the lathe spindle, and the use of Morse taper twist drills

Detailed instructions on how to turn simple sizing gauges, to ensure perfect fitting of the mill mechanism, are given. Appendices include safety tips, a guide to sourcing the mill mechanisms worldwide, details of a pusher used to easily install the mechanism and instructions on how to shorten the mechanism shaft, if necessary.

The booklet is of 4,200 words and has been produced from a 49 page Word document.

The sequence of turning operations is as follows:

turned pepper mill

Body dimensions

turned pepper mill

Internal Dimensions of Base

turned pepper mill

Internal dimensions of Upper Body